Theme Thursday! Ladybird

Hello and welcome to my first Theme Thursday! Planning a baby shower can be very overwhelming, so every Thursday I am going to take a theme and suggest ways to use implement the theme in decorations, food, invitations etc. This weeks theme is suitable for boys and girls, so it is perfect if you don’t know what gender the baby will be! The theme is Ladybirds =)


Invitations for this theme can be made easily and cheaply using a computer and printer. A red background with black spots is perfect! If you would rather buy ready made invites check out these cuties from Tweet Prints pictured below. These invites are personalized and downloaded for you to print off yourself. What a cute design!


For really easy decorations, take a pack of red balloons and draw or stick on black spots. You could also make bunting or paper-chains using black and red paper. Or how about these hanging ladybird decorations for only £1.19?


A buffet or finger foods work best. If you want the food to tie in with the ladybird theme, check out these fab ideas. They all look too cute to eat! 

Ladybird themed nibbles from Yellow Bliss Road
Adorable cheese ladybirds! Instructions here
Strawberry ladybirds recipe here


How about a ladybird version of pin the tail on the donkey? Below are some photos of the game I made, it only took me 10 minutes! The antenna has a sticky pad on the back, the person who gets it closest to the top of the ladybirds head wins!

 Spot on!

Not quite…

Party Favours

How sweet are these ladybird bags?! Made by the aptly named Everything-Ladybug. Perfect to fill with thank you notes and small treats!

Hope this has been helpful. If you have a ladybird themed baby shower, be sure to let me know how you get on! Also please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for future Theme Thursdays!

Bye for now,
Hayley x

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