My Baby Shower: Emma from Life is Peachy

In December I “email interviewed” Emma from Life is Peachy! Here she shares her Baby Shower story with us. Thank you again Emma!

What year was your baby shower?

I had my baby shower in February 2013 – I started planning it in the new year!


Did you host your own baby shower or did someone do it for you?

I hosted my own – I’m a little bit of a control freak about organising things and I love organising get togethers!  I think, with hindsight, I was a little too tired to take on some of the work when it actually came to the day (it was just under two weeks before my due date) – but I’m a glutton for punishment!  My friend Amanda helped to put invitations together and put a few things in place.


Tell us about it! 

I invited about 20 people and 14 made it. I have the smallest house in history, so we were all cramped into my little lounge.  I just had a vintage wooden rocking chair delivered that morning, so I was sat pride of place rocking away, whilst my friends and family were all sat around me.  

I didn’t have a theme, I went with quite a simple tea party – pink lemonade in teacups, pink wafers, sandwiches, the lot and served everything up on my vintage rose china set.  I used to run a vintage tea party business, so I loved putting everything together – I had some help from a few of my friends who came up early on the day.  I wanted something really relaxed and informal – it was an opportunity to get all my friends together from the various places I had lived and loved as I really didn’t know how often I would be able to see them, once the baby was born.  I made a playlist of some of my favourite music (I kept it pretty low-key, no Marilyn Manson on this occasion) and just sat, ate, laughed and chilled out with people I loved.

I guess the only theme was really ‘Daisy’ – we knew we were going to have a little girl and we knew we wanted to call her Daisy.  So I made invitations with little Daisy buttons attached and made each visitor a fabric bracelet, with the same button on.  Our cupcakes had wafer daisies on also.  It was quite cutesy, but Daisy already felt like such a big part of our life and I’m glad we went with that idea.  About as glad as we were when she was born – and was absolutely, definitely, a girl!

One of my favourite bits of the shower was the wishing tree I made.  I had seen the idea on Pinterest and, with each invitation sent out, I sent a blank luggage tag and asked each person to fill in a piece of advice about becoming a mum.  On the day I hung the tags on several little branches in a vase and kept it up, right until I gave birth.  I kept all the advice I was given, it will be such a great thing to look back on in years to come.


Most important question- Did you have a good time?

I had an amazing time, Some of my closest friends traveled miles to come and see me for the day – having moved to Nottingham in 2012 with my partner, I miss these guys the most!  I love nothing more than getting all my lovely friends and family together and it was so emotional to have everyone there.  I had some incredible gifts for Daisy from everyone – it was really special and something I’ll remember forever – even before Daisy was here she was an important part of our lives!

It was always touch and go whether or not my Mum would be able to make it, but she was able to catch a train on the morning and spent the evening with me as well.  I was so chuffed that she came to the shower too ( she lives in Somerset), I don’t think it would have been the same without her!


Anything else to add?

As much as it is an American tradition – I would always recommend a baby shower for anyone who is expecting.  It was such a great experience, lovely to have your nearest and dearest around you looking forward to the new arrival.  I felt really special and loved just as I’m sure little D did too!


Thank you Emma, sounds like an amazing baby shower! If you want to share your Baby Shower Story, comment below and I will email you the questions =)

Hayley x

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