Baby Shower Basics: What theme?



Welcome to part 3 of my Baby Shower Basics Series! If you missed part 2 you can read it here. So now we know who is hosting the baby shower and where it will be held, whats next? We need to decide if there will be a theme and what it will be!

Last year I wrote this post¬†about the pros and cons of having a themed baby shower. So what if you don’t want a theme? Just stick to a colour such as pink for a girl or blue for a boy etc. If you decide you do want a theme I have an entire page dedicated to theme ideas! Just check out the Theme Thursday page!

So what will it be for you, theme or no theme? Let me know in the comments below =)

Bye for now!

Hayley x


Baby Shower Basics: What venue?

Good morning! Welcome to part two of my Baby Shower Basics series. If you missed part one you can read it here. So now that you have decided who will be hosting the baby shower, you need to decide where it will be held.



Most baby showers are held at the home of whoever is hosting. Emma hosted her baby shower at home, you can read her story here. This is the most popular option but there are others:

  • Meet at a favourite cafe or coffee shop- This one works well for a small, informal baby shower
  • Hire a local community centre- If its going to be a large gathering this may be the best option but it may be expensive!
  • Go outside! Meet in a local park for a picnic- Although in the UK this one can be a bit risky, pray for good weather!


When deciding where to hold the baby shower, think about these points:

  • How many people will be invited?
  • If holding at home, have you got enough space?
  • What is your budget? Have you got enough to hire a hall/community centre?
  • Will the location be easy for the guests to get to?


Hope this has helped, if you have any points to add please comment below! Part three will be posted next Thursday.

Hayley x






Baby Shower Basics: Who should host?

Welcome to my first post for the Baby Shower Basics series! Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing posts covering all you need to know about planning and hosting a baby shower. So if you are expecting or know someone who is, keep checking back, I’m here to help =)

So post one covers the first thing you need to decide when planning a baby shower: Who should host?



If you are the expectant mother you can choose whether to hold your own shower or let a willing volunteer do the honors. Lets have a look at the pros and cons of hosting your own shower.


  • You can make all the decisions
  • No surprises! You are in control
  • You don’t need to find someone who wants to host a shower for you
  • You can make your shower very personal to you


  • Some people think that if they hold their own baby shower, it looks like they are asking for presents
  • No surprises! This can be a pro or a con depending on your viewpoint
  • Your are in control. Again could be a pro or con!
  • Depending on how far you are into your pregnancy, you might not want the stress of hosting!


Just to be clear, I’ve included the first con because a few people have said that they were worried that if they hosted their own shower it would look like they just wanted presents. Personally I don’t think that guests would think that, I think there is nothing wrong with hosting your own shower but it is down to your preference. If you would rather someone else took charge, see if your mother, sister or a friend would like to host it for you.

On Saturday the lovely Emma from Life Is Peachy is sharing her baby shower story and yes she hosted it herself! So do check back for that =)

Bye for now!

Hayley x