Organizationally challenged!

I sometimes wonder if it is possible to be crafty and organised at the same time. It doesn’t help that my “craft room” is a corner of my small bedroom, although my craft stuff is taking over the rest of my room too! Yesterday I decided enough is enough! Its time to sort, bin and organize everything. So I wrote a list:

I decided the first thing to do was sort out the boxes under my bed. I knew that in one of the boxes was Birthday cards that I had decided to keep. What I didn’t realize was that I had kept EVERY Birthday/Christmas/Good luck/Congratulations/You passed your driving test/etc card since I was 16! I’m now 22…

So the short version of the story is I spent an hour sorting through cards! I’ve kept a few but most have gone in the bin. I finally emerged from my room covered in dust, clutching a bin liner full of cards, my mams jaw dropped when I showed her. I also managed to clear out the chest of drawers so that’s two things I can tick off the list!

Phase two starts today! I don’t know if I will manage to complete the list today but I want at least 3/4 of it done =)

Busy day ahead!
Hayley x