Organizing a tiny craft space

Its no secret that my craft space is a desk in the corner of my small bedroom. A few weeks ago I was despairing at the amount of stuff littering my desk, I was running out of space to put things and for me, cluttered space=cluttered mind. It felt like my creativity was literally sapping out.

So I decided enough was enough and spent over a week sorting, organising and storing, trying to create more space for myself. It definitely wasn’t easy but I did it! I now have a lot more room to work and find it much easier to find what I’m looking for! So if you have a small craft space that is overflowing and want to sort it out, here is what I did =)

  • The first thing I did was decide where the main problem was. For me, it was my ribbon, I had reels and packs of the stuff everywhere! I also had large packs of scrapbook papers that were too big to fit on a shelf or in a draw. By identifying the main thing that is causing the clutter, you can look for a solution.
  • This step took me ages but it was so worth it! I sorted through everything in my bedroom. Not just my craft stuff… Everything. I went through my wardrobe, my chest of drawers, my desk, my shelves, the boxes under my bed. Everything went in 3 piles, Keep, Bin or Charity Shop. During this step I realised that I hoard Birthday and Christmas cards… You can read about that here.
  • Once that mammoth task was over, I removed the bin liners that were for going in the bin or to charity, then looked to see how much “new” space I had. I was thrilled, I now had 1 big drawer, 1 little drawer, 1 shelf in my wardrobe and 1 large box under my bed that were completely empty
  • I found a place for everything that didn’t yet have a home. Apart from my ribbon and scrapbook papers, I had a plan for them…  
  • I enlisted the help of my Grandad to fix rails on the top compartment of a “double storage cube” I bought from Argos. Pics are below and the full post is here.

After- Ribbon on rails and my big paper pads fit in the bottom!
So my craftroom/bedroom is finally sorted! I’m working hard to keep it that way! If you want to have a go at this too my top tips are:

  • Use clear storage boxes and jars so that you can see what is inside
  • Use files and labels to organise papers and documents
  • Make the most of wall space, put up shelves
  • Be creative!
  • If you can’t find the right storage DIY!
If you do this, let me know how you get on! =)
Hayley x

DIY Ribbon Storage

On Saturday I posted about my lack of space in my bedroom/craftroom… Well I have came up with a solution, with some help from my Grandad =)

I bought a double storage cube from Argos for £20

I got some wooden dowel, screws and offcuts of wood. My Grandad fitted them to the top compartment to make rails. The bottom cube is for paper storage =)

And that is that! =) It took about an hour and the best bit? If you look at the above picture, you can see that the rails are only half full… SHOPPING TIME!

Yippee 😉
Hayley x