October roundup

I can’t believe how fast October has gone! Here is my roundup of things I have done this month:

  • I completed the #craftblogclub Halloween challenge. This months challenge went so much smoother than my notebook last month. I was really pleased with the result =)
  • I started Theme Thursday, which was one of the goals I set myself at the beginning of the month. I’ve had a good response so far and I’m looking forward to coming up with more ideas!
  • I made a DIY ribbon holder/storage unit, with a lot of help from my Grandad. You can read about that here
  • I have signed up for loads more craft fairs in the run up to Christmas. That was another one of the goals I set myself.
  • I signed up to Crafters Boutique =) More about that in this post

The biggest goal I set myself was to get 1000 page views this month. I got 946… Typical! But that’s close enough for me and hopefully I’ll get over 1000 next month =) Speaking of which, I’ll be setting myself some goals for November shortly!

Until then,
Hayley x   

Craft Blog Club Halloween challenge: Part 3

Part 1 is here
Part 2 is here

In part 2 I finished my Halloween Jar and decided to expand on the challenge. Here is a reminder of my finished jar:

I decided that because I had enjoyed paper cutting so much, I would try to make a full picture to frame. To do this I took a sheet a black paper and marked a 1cm border all the way around the page. I then drew a scene of children trick or treating, ensuring that the design connected to the border so that it was one intact piece. I didn’t take a photo of the drawing, I got carried away and dived in with my scalpel before I remembered to take the pic… Sorry. But anyway, I cut out my design and added it to a black A4 photo frame and here it is…

The whole scene

The trick or treaters: Witch, devil, fairy and vampire. At this point I should probably admit that the fairy also had a sweet bucket… and an arm holding it… My hand slipped so I had to cut her whole arm off to correct my mistake. Oops!

Its a bit clumsy but for a first attempt I’m really pleased with it! What do you think? Comments/constructive criticism welcome =)

Hayley x 

Craft Blog Club Halloween challenge: Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of the challenge it is here

In part 1, I chose to do paper cutting and had a go at making a spooky Halloween scene, set in a graveyard naturally 😉 Here is a reminder:

I decided to stick my paper cutting onto a jam jar, so that I could put a candle inside to light it up. I painted the jar with some fab metallic purple paint I found in The Works. I then attached my cutting with double sided tape. For safety I used a LED tea light rather than a candle, I really like the effect.

My tree looks extra spooky with the light shining through!

The witch and pumpkin
 The graveyard scene

You might have noticed that my ghost/pacman monster is missing. He was quite big and I ran out of room. But if you look on the above photo, you can see what I substituted him for… A bat! I’m keeping the ghost for now though, as I’m not done with the challenge yet! I’ve decided that one jar isn’t very impressive and its only 8 days into October, so I’m going to do some more paper cutting. I haven’t decided yet whether to make more jars or try something different… I’ll keep you posted =)

Bye for now,
Hayley x 

Hello October!

I’m a couple of days late with this but never mind… It’s now October (yikes hasn’t this year gone fast?!) so I’ve decided to list a few things that I will do this month, or at least hope to do =)

  • Complete the #craftblogclub October challenge! This month it is “Create a Halloween decoration using a craft/skill you haven’t tried before”. I am very excited about this and have all my supplies ready. I’m starting over the weekend =)
  • Unveil my secret commission. I can’t upload pics here or on Facebook until I secure permission from the customer. Hoping to unveil in the next couple of weeks. I’m very proud of it!
  • Sign up for more craft fairs in time for Christmas! I have two in the pipeline but would like to sign up for more as the festive season approaches!
  • Get 1000 page views! Might be a big ask but I enjoy a challenge! I got 641 pageviews in September.
  • Start a feature called “Theme Thursday”. This will start next week. Basically I will suggest themes for a baby shower and how to organize the decorations, food, games etc. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone planning a baby shower!

Well there we go! Hopefully I will be able to tick all of these off as the month passes =)

Heres hoping!
Hayley x